- New York in My Life - 
artist statement

Walls with windows and doors form the house,
but the empty space within it is the essence of the house.
                                       - from The Uses of Not, Lao Tse

 In this body of work, Home and Home: New York in My Life, I explore what constitutes the concept of home, as an immigrant who chose to live in New York. Tangibility versus intangibility are brought up, and added to the discussion. How do we assess or assume home?
My relocation to New York is not about overcoming a culture that is distinct, but encountering and understanding cultural disparity and similarity. Living in NYC highlights the intangible aspects of cultures today that include language, myth, mind-sets, daily customs, social class issues, and identity. The diverse sense of femininity provides me other vantage point to examine the collective consciousness in the cities.
I am bringing up positions of custom, holiday, architecture, dress, food, location, and home design as a means to explore how culture is being inter-mixed or is remaining unchanged at a microcosmic level, and how national identity and sensibility are maintained or relinquished through living in a cross-cultural city life. The more understanding of cultural contrasts I have, the more I feel closer to the U.S, and so my space in New York is psychologically being expanded. 
A new point of view has been added to my life and work. I gave birth to my baby in New York and became a mother. This has enormously shifted my state of mind and lifestyle. The project or new chapter will be continued with the unknown transitions.
Satomi Shirai



この作品シリーズ「Home and Home: New York in My Life / ホーム アンド ホーム: ニューヨーク イン マイ ライフ」では、東京からニューヨークに移り住んだ者のひとりとして、「ホーム/家」の概念を探り、制作しました。そこでは、形の有るものと無いものが深く関わり、考察やアイデアが展開していきます。私たちは、どのように「ホーム/家」という感覚を持つのだろうか? 

2015年 白井里実
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